Experience Bosch: Benefits that make your life easier

Have a look in your fridge in the supermarket.

You’re in the supermarket and don’t know if you still have enough butter or cream for the cake you want to bake? Just check your smartphone, because thanks to the integrated camera in some Bosch fridges with Home Connect you can see exactly what’s in the refrigerator and what’s not. So now you won’t forget what to buy, and you won’t buy too much!

A big party needs plenty of space.

You’ve invited lots of people and need lots of space for drinks, ingredients, sauces, salads, cakes, pies and everything else? No problem! With a Bosch side-by-side refrigerator, there’s plenty of space, both in the chiller cabinet and in the freezer. Depending on the model there are more shelves, which are height adjustable, a bottle rack and a separate butter/cheese compartment behind a flap as well as transparent freezer drawers. So you’ll always know what’s stored and where.

Let’s have a biiiiiig birthday cake.

Birthday cake already finished two days before the party? In some models you can use the big box. Whether it’s a big, deep-frozen tub of ice cream, stacks of garlic bread, or piles of pizzas, with a height of 26 cm in the BigBox, there’s space in your freezer for pretty much everything big.

Freshen up your party.

You want to prepare enough salads and vegetables for the party, so you bought them a few days ago? And you need to keep your fish and meat chilled as well? No problem with Bosch refrigerators. In the VitaFresh Pro drawers, your ingredients will stay fresh up to 3x longer. And by the way, you should switch your fridge to SuperCool and SuperFreezer before you you go shopping, so you don’t waste any more energy than is necessary.

Run out of drinks? Impossible.

Everyone’s been there. The party’s in full swing and the drinks suddenly run out, or worse, they’re stored somewhere, but not somewhere cold. Good to know that in Bosch refrigerators there’s room for many, many, many bottles. And particularly practical: Thanks to adjustable surfaces, you can create space as flexibly as you need.

Red, red wine. Or white. Or Reserva. Or…

So you’re a wine connoisseur? Maybe a Bosch wine cabinet is perfect for you. Store all your favourite bottles at exactly the right temperatures and enjoy them in the right conditions. A special feature extra depending on the model is the glass wall which highlights your most desirable wines.

More ice for the party.

A party isn’t a party without ice cubes. But instead of making or buying ice cubes, why not let your refrigerator do it? With an ice and water dispenser, you can have cool refreshment at the push of a button. Your chilled drinks will taste even better with fresh ice cubes from the practical ice and water dispenser. It freezes 20 ice cubes at a time. Quickly and easily.

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