Experience Bosch: Mykie

May we introduce: “My kitchen elf” – Mykie.

Mykie “My kitchen elf” was first shown at CES 2017 in Las Vegas – one of the world’s most important IT fairs. In this innovative solution arena, Mykie was an important player in the smart home section.

The concept behind it.

Mykie is a concept for a personal kitchen assistant. He communicates with users and projects information, unites people and kitchens around the world, and assists users in a voice-operated, friendly way with household chores. Find out more about Mykie in the clip from CES 2017.

A smart interactive partner in the kitchen.

The Mykie concept promises new and fascinating opportunities for a modern kitchen experience. That’s because Mykie not only communicates with its user through facial expressions, movement and speech, but also provides whole new possibilities for bringing people together to share joint experiences in the kitchen. Mykie listens to the user, answers their questions and offers support for a host of everyday topics. With his attractive and varied services, he also makes daily tasks easier. In the future, Mykie will provide users with convenient access to all the benefits of the digital Home Connect eco system. The Mykie concept already shows today what the kitchen of the future may look like.

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