Experience Bosch: Preserve freshness in your fridge

Freshness needs a system: VitaFresh.

For over 80 years, Bosch has been developing cooling technologies to make your daily life more comfortable. With innovative stay-fresh systems, Bosch fridges keep your food fresh for longer. You can be certain that fresh food will be preserved longer, enabling you to enjoy a varied and healthy diet.

VitaFresh: Keeps food fresh longer

The Bosch VitaFresh system* always maintains the right storage conditions, thanks to its ideal climate zones. A low temperature dry zone of around 0°C, so you you can store fish and meat hygienically in ideal dry conditions, and a 0°C moist zone for fruit and vegetables.

*The amount of VitaFresh drawers varies between models.

VitaFresh plus: Keeps food fresh up to 2x longer

The VitaFresh Plus system* also offers the ideal climate zones for your food. It has a larger, sealed, optimum humidity drawer, especially designed for fruit and vegetables. You can manually adjust the humidity in this drawer between two settings which helps preserve both vitamins and minerals.

*The amount of VitaFresh drawers varies between models.

VitaFresh pro: Keeps food fresh up to 3x longer

VitaFresh Pro is Bosch’s most effective freshness system. Thanks to new precise setting options and hermetic sealing, they always maintain the perfect storage conditions independently from the rest of the fridge – with a temperature of between -1°C and 3°C. In the bottom drawer you can store fish and meat. The large drawer above has an adjustable humidity zone for fruit and vegetables. Its moisture level can intuitively be adjusted by the humidity control ring between three settings for fruit, vegetables or mixed contents, to perfectly preserve vitamins and minerals. for as long as possible.

Put the fridge in your pocket

You’re in the supermarket and can’t remember what’s still in the fridge? The new Home Connect fridges from Bosch feature an integrated camera actually in the fridge. Together with the Home Connect app on your smartphone, you can see what’s in the fridge and what you need to buy. The way it works is that each time you close the fridge, a picture is taken. So forgetting what’s there is now a thing of the past.

How to keep your fridge fresh

Always store food in airtight containers, or at make sure things like left overs are well covered with kitchen foil. Always try to put your foods in the right area of the fridge. The door is great for eggs, butter and milk, while fruit and vegetables should be placed in the VitaFresh system. Clean your refrigerator regularly to keep odours at bay. Learn more about how to clean the refrigerator.

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