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Do you ever wonder how we’ll be cooking ten years from now? The kitchen has received several updates over the years. Once a hidden-away area, it has moved to the centre of the home. Cooking has become less of a chore and more of a celebration – some would even call it the main event at dinner parties. Kitchens are also the darlings of designers and architects and a testing ground for new gadgets. Which trends will drive the evolution of this space in the future? Read on to discover our top 4 predictions.

Trends that will bring new spice to your kitchen

Which ideas will be driving this change? The kitchen of the future will be multifunctional, connected, autonomous and green. We’ll give you the inside scoop on each of these defining trends.

Living kitchen

Trend 1: Living Kitchen

Beyond meal prep and cooking, the kitchen of the future will be a highly multifunctional space. Even today, the kitchen has been widely heralded as “the new living room”. Rather than just a functional room, it’s a place where people want to spend time, relax and enjoy themselves – things that used to happen elsewhere in the home. The new kitchens are truly the “heart” of the home and incredibly adept at combining different functions.

Connected Kitchen

Trend 2: Connected Kitchen

As life becomes increasingly connected and data-driven, so will our kitchens. We already use mobile devices to check what’s in the fridge or set laundry timers on the go. More and more devices will be equipped with smart options and linked to the Internet of Things. Imagine an intelligent worktop that detects objects and users, and even displays nutritional information. Or a hob that not only heats a pan but gives you the exact timing and quantities for the ingredients.

Autonomous Kitchen

Trend 3: Autonomous Kitchen

The kitchen of the future won’t just provide culinary support – it may even be able to cook complex meals on its own. The robotics solution Moley, for example, relies on recordings of human movement reproduced by fully articulated robotic hands and arms. Moley already has successfully mimicked the cooking skills of a master chef. What’s more, 3D printer technology has been used to print elaborate pasta dishes or cakes by extruding dough or chocolate. Autonomous kitchens will also be programmed to do simple chores like washing our dishes when we leave the room.

Green Kitchen

Trend 4: Green Kitchen

Kitchens have become greener and this trend will continue in the years to come. Sustainable appliances have already achieved major reductions in water and energy consumption. Future kitchens may include indoor hydroponic systems to grow fresh herbs and spices all year round. Furthermore, we could soon see surprising and sustainable materials for worktops like PaperStone, a combination of recycled paper fibre and non-petroleum-based resins. All in all, we will witness greater sustainability, both in our appliances and our food as we use more local, seasonal ingredients.

Bosch Mykie

Discover what the future holds – with Bosch.

Today’s appliances are already greener, more connected and even more social than ever before. Bosch is driving the vision of the connected kitchen with smart home technology like Bosch Mykie and Home Connect. Bosch Mykie (short for “my kitchen elf”) listens, answers questions, and projects information and recipes onto a screen. Bosch has also made significant strides in sustainability for future generations with solutions like ActiveWater for more efficient and eco-sensitive home appliances.


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