Like a pro: Fridge and freezer storage hacks

The dream team: Cheese and sugar.

A cheese bell isn’t just a great way of storing cheese in your fridge, it’s also an elegant way of serving and presenting your cheese. Most cheeses can be kept fresh for longer by putting a sugar inside the cheese bell. The sugar attracts moisture and keeps mould away from the cheese for longer.

Creamy ice cream

Has this happened to you too? You take your ice creams out of the freezer and they’re rock hard and not the creamy ices you dreamed of? Try putting your ices in an airtight freezer bag and you’ll be able to enjoy creamy ice creams without any freezer burn.

What about mince?

Minced meat is always a “sensitive” food and should be consumed as soon as possible. However, if you freeze it, try and make sure it is as flat as possible in the freezer, or is frozen in a very flat box. Better still, mark quarter sections before freezing. This way it freezes faster, is thaws better and you can portion it more efficiently.

Second life for your egg carton.

Sick of ketchup and mayonnaise bottles that keep falling over? Put them in an egg box, and they’re stored perfectly, they don’t fall over and your fridge will be protected from random blobs of colour.

Fresh and frozen.

Fruit and vegetables should really be frozen when fresh better still if crushed. Blanched vegetables freeze particularly well. Fruit can be made into fruit purees. And it’s best to freeze in small portions. Don’t forget to date your fruit and vegetable freezer bags or containers.

The rest is the best.

Some soup or sauce left over? Freeze them in muffin moulds or ice-cube trays. This way you’ll always have enough small portions to add as stock to your cooking as you need them.

Always at the right height. EasyLift

The EasyLift glass shelves in a Bosch fridge can be height-adjusted by up to 6 cm. You don’t even need to remove items when you adjust them. And if you need more space upwards in the door, the height of the EasyLift door bin is infinitely variable by up to 40 cm, even when it‘s fully loaded.

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