Like a pro: tabs, liquid or powder detergent?

Having a dishwasher is a great addition to any household, saving time and a thankless chore. But which detergent should you use? Here are some of the main differences to help you make the right decision.

Tabs: maximum performance, maximum convenience

If you’re looking for the easy life, choose tabs. The all-in-one solution contains salt, rinsing agent and detergent. Just place one tab into the detergent dispenser for each cycle. You don’t even have think about dosing. Be sure to choose a high-quality tab – some cheaper tabs can corrode your glasses and don’t always dissolve properly. Bosch recommends Finish for maximum performance.

Liquid: low in cost but not always high on satisfaction

More cost effective than tabs, liquid detergents are easily dosed into the dispenser. In addition, salt and rinsing agent are needed for the best results. When it comes to results, liquids are less efficient than tabs or powder and usually contain a higher quantity of surfactants – compounds that can be detrimental to the environment.

Powder: economic and environmentally friendlier

Powder makes a cost effective and efficient alternative to tabs for perfectly clean dishes. It can be dosed exactly according to the number of dishes in the machine and it dissolves easily. Plus, the less powder you use, the more money you save and the more the environment is protected. Powder must be combined with salt and rinsing agent to achieve completely satisfying results.

Life hack: no detergent at home? Act like a pro.

If you’ve ever found yourself with a dishwasher full of crockery and pans only to discover you’ve run out of detergent, here’s a tip just for you. Instead of taking it all out and washing by hand, run the dishwasher at a high temperature without detergent. You might be surprised by the results. You won’t want to do this regularly, though, as the success depends on the degree of soiling and the length of the programme. But give it a try in an emergency. Whatever you do, don’t use normal dishwashing detergent – it can cause a build-up of suds and damage your dishwasher.

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