Napkin folding ideas – marquee

Attractively folded napkins add the finishing touch to table decorations and will wow your guests at a festive meal. Here are some ideas that will turn your table into something special.

Quick and straightforward the marquee is great for beginners and, because it’s quick, you can even do it while your guests are knocking on your door. Plus, it works with almost every type of material.

Difficulty level: easy

Step 1

Unfold the napkin into a rectangle and lay it on the table with the inside of the fold facing upwards.

Step 2

Take the upper right corner and fold it towards lower edge, but not all the way, to create a triangle as shown. This will help stabilize the structure.

Step 3

Form a cone by lightly rolling the new right corner over to the lower left side.

Step 4

Take the upper left corner and wrap it around the cone.

Step 5

Now take the finished cone and place it on the table with the tip pointing up.

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