Right or wrong: What to put in the freezer and what not

In the freezer or not? That is the question.

Your freezer compartment is especially convenient when you have some left overs, or if you want to have a stock of food. But can you really put anything in the freezer? Does the freezer preserve the taste of tomatoes? And what about eggs? Here are some answers!

Darling, teddy’s sleeping in the freezer tonight.

The easiest way to kill mites from stiff or soft cuddly toys and blankets is to freeze the little darlings in a plastic bag for at least 24 hours. Do it regularly. After that wash them again and then they can be cuddled again without any concerns.

Eggs don’t like it cold.

Hard boiled eggs don’t need to be stored in your freezer. And the shells of raw eggs will break at minus temperatures. Worse still, when cooked, they’ll taste very tough after being thawed. But! You can freeze egg whites and egg yolks really easily. It is best to freeze them in small bowls with a lid or in a freezer bag.

Wax? Get cold.

Ooops! Has a little accident happened to your tablecloth? Candle wax? No problem. Simply put the aff ected fabric in the freezer for a few hours. Once the wax gets hard it can be simply scraped off.

Save the salad.

Green leaf salad and cucumbers are not really suitable for freezing because of all the water they contain. When the water crystallises it destroys the structure of the vegetable, making it soggy and soft.

Quit chewing gum.

Chewing gum on your favourite shirt or trousers? Simply put the affected clothes in a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer. Once frozen, you’ll be able to break the chewing gum off piece by piece, or carefully scratch it off .

Strawberries & tomatoes? Better not.

Of course it is possible to freeze strawberries and tomatoes, but keep in mind they will lose their taste and texture.

Your clothes love coolness.

If you have any clothes or bed linen that you can’t hot wash, but are attractive to moths, try putting them in a plastic bag and sticking them in the freezer for 2-3 days. Any moths or moth eggs will be killed once and for all.

Milk away.

Yoghurt and sour cream will become lumpy. Dairy products will start to become flaky and mayonnaise will lose its creamy texture when frozen. Semi-skimmed milk though, can be frozen without a problem.

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