Right or wrong: what to put in the fridge and what not

Your fridge loves lipstick. But not tomatoes.

Most fresh products love to be cool rather than warm, so are perfectly happy in your refrigerator. But being cool isn’t right for all foods. However for some cosmetics the fridge is perfect. Which products are good in your fridge and which are not? Here are some tips.

Cool make-up.

Most cosmetics are tested for normal or warm temperatures. But at hot temperatures they can actually melt. So it’s a good idea to store your lipstick and eyeliner in the fridge. This will also preserve their consistency and colour fastness for longer.

Tomatoes? No way.

The cold air in your fridge prevents the ripening process and tomatoes will lose their aromatic flavour. It’s probably best to store tomatoes in a bowl, or a basket, or on a plate somewhere in the kitchen.

Flower power.

You’ve got a wedding to go to, or you want to use flowers for a display somewhere? If you keep your flowers in the fridge before hand, they’ll look at their best and last longer too. A good idea is to wet some kitchen paper and wrap it around the stems so your fl owers don’t dry out.

Basil? Maybe.

Basil needs light and is very sensitive to cold. So in your fridge it will fade quickly and also lose its taste. But you can freeze fresh basil leaves. A good idea is to place the chopped leaves in ice cube containers with a little oil. It also means you have small portions ready for when you need them.

Nature loves it cold.

As a cream Aloe Vera is perfect for sunburn and can easily be stored in your refrigerator. Self-made natural cosmetics are also great when stored in the fridge because they don’t contain any chemical preservatives.

Couch-potatoes preferred.

Potatoes love to be stored in cool, dark places, but your fridge is too cool for them. The starch in the potato is converted to sugar by the cold. And when that happens the potato tastes a little too sweet and mealy.

Chill your nail polish.

Your nail polishes will stay more liquid and keep their their coverage and strength longer in the fridge. While the sun and warmth are not great for your favourite colours.

No bread left.

Bread will dry out in the fridge. It’s better to store it in a bread box. But fresh bread can easily be frozen. It’s also a convenient idea to freeze individual slices. Then you can quickly defrost them in the toaster.

Ice cool eye cream.

Dark rings around your eyes and bags under them can be helped with eye creams. If you cool them in the fridge, they’ll both work and feel a little better.

Honey? No way.

Honey lasts a very long time. But put honey in the fridge and crystallises really quickly, so it’s definitely the wrong place to store it. You can better use the space for other foods.

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