Step by step: how to avoid bad odors in your fridge

Just clean bad smells away

Regularly cleaning your refrigerator not only keeps it safe but also prevents bad odours. You can clean the fridge with warm water and a little dishwashing detergent. After cleaning, do make sure you always put food in the refrigerator in sealed containers. For example, sausage or cheese wrapped in cling film, or air tight containers and store leftover food only in covered containers.

Next teatime? In the fridge.

Do you drink tea? Here’s an idea. Let your used tea bags dry and put them in a bowl in the refrigerator. The tea neutralises odours. Peppermint tea bags are the best.

The power of sour

Half a lemon can help you naturally avoid unpleasant odours in the refrigerator. Simply put half lemon in your fridge or squeeze the juice into a glass and leave this on a shelf in your chiller compartment.

Your fridge loves coffee

Ground coffee binds the smells in your refrigerator. Simply put some ground coffee in a bowl. And bicarbonate of soda or baking powder also effectively combats a smelly refrigerator. Fill a shallow bowl with a couple of teaspoons of these powders in your refrigerator and replace it after about a month.

Bosch cares for you and your fridge

This refrigerator cleaner has been specially formulated for Bosch refrigerators and ensures they maintain a thorough and hygienic cleanliness.

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