Step by step: how to keep your fridge fresh and clean

They also love sponges

Don’t put the shelves and drawers in the dishwasher. Instead put them in the sink and rinse them using warm water and a sponge. Then dry them thoroughly. Once the interior walls of your refrigerator are dry, you can put the shelves and drawers back again. Finally, clean the packages you store your food in, place them back on the shelves and switch your refrigerator back on.

Your fridge loves cotton buds

Start by removing the trays and drawers and clean the inside and outside walls of the refrigerator with a sponge. For stainless steel doors, we recommend our conditioning cloths for stainless steel surfaces. The drainage channels which are usually to be found at the rear of the refrigerator, can best be cleaned with cotton buds or a toothbrush. Do make sure your cleaning water doesn’t get into the lights or controls. You can use clean water to wipe down the door seals.

Killing them softly.

Before you declare war on the bacteria in your fridge, store your food in refrigerated cool bags and a few freezer blocks in your cellar, or with your neighbours. First, turn the refrigerator off . Don’t use abrasive sponges or harsh cleaning agents for cleaning. Use warm water, a soft sponge or cloth, and a pH neutral detergent.

Freshness the easy way.

This refrigerator cleaner has been specially formulated for Bosch refrigerators and ensures they maintain a thorough and hygienic cleanliness. Learn more about how to avoid odours in your refrigerator.

No problems defrosting with NoFrost

Most Bosch refrigerators now have NoFrost technology, which cuts out the need for expensive, but necessary defrosting. If you still need to defrost your fridge, simply remove your frozen foods and temporarily store them in a cool place. Switch off your refrigerator, and then put a saucepan full of hot water on a plate or saucer in the freezer compartment. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth, dry the freezer compartment, switch on the refrigerator, put the frozen food back in the freezer and close the door.

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