Step by step: Tips to start with

Fall in love with your fridge.

So that you get to enjoy your Bosch refrigerator as soon as possible, here are a few tips on how to set up and operate your fridge as quickly and easily as possible. We hope you enjoy your Bosch refrigerator.

Very quick installation

Install it in a dry and vented position. Make sure that the unit is protected from direct sunlight and is as far as possible away from radiators and your cooker. Wipe the fridge with a cloth and warm water. After installing your fridge, wait at least an hour before you switch it on.

Take the manual

Do please read the owner’s manual carefully before use. You’ll find an easy step-by-step guide on how to set up your refrigerator correctly and adjust the temperatures optimally. You’ll also find valuable information about saving energy, cleaning your fridge, avoiding odours, cooling and freezing.

The right temperature

Compartment Temperature
Refrigerator compartment +3°C to +8°C
Cool-fresh compartment 0°C to + 4°C
Freezer compartment -16°C to -26°C


Freshness is so cool

The refrigerator compartment is the ideal storage location for meat, sausage, fish, dairy products, eggs, ready meals and pastries. A temperature of + 4°C or below, ensures the optimal preservation and safety of your stored food. To save energy switch on SuperCooling before putting a large amount of food into the fridge and allow warm food and drinks to cool before putting them in the fridge.

The right position

Baked foods with a high milk content, smoked fish and smoked meat should be kept in the upper section of the fridge. Cheese and cream cheese are best kept in the middle. Yoghurt and cream are best kept in the bottom compartment of the fridge. Fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and meat should be kept at the bottom, or in the Bosch VitaFresh Box. Milk is best kept in the fridge door. The central door compartment is the place to keep dressings, jams, ketchup and mustard. You can store eggs either in the fridge door or in the bottom compartment of the fridge.

Are you in holiday mode?

Thanks to the holiday setting you can go away with a clear conscience. Once you have activated the function, your fridge will maintain a temperature of approx. +14°C in the chiller compartment and approx. -18°C in the freezer. This keeps your frozen food well protected and cuts energy waste in the main fridge compartment

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