Top 5: Cooking trends among millennials

The kitchen goes digital.

The most important feature in a millennial’s kitchen is likely to be a mobile device. Millennials turn to mobile at every phase of their cooking journey: from deciding where to order groceries, what to cook, what to buy and how to prepare it. Read more about this kitchen trend and how your mobile can guide you through your cooking process.

Internet replaces the traditional cookbook.

Twenty years ago, a cookbook was the only source of recipes apart from family members such as your mother or grandmother. This process has changed completely. For millennials, the most important source for cooking recipes, inspiration and ideas is the internet. After they’ve found something in their “research-phase”, the most important part of cooking is being creative and adding a personal touch to a recipe to give it a unique character.

Advice? Ask YouTube.

Once they’ve decided what to cook and eat, millennials look online for preparation advice. Food channels on YouTube with “how to” instructions are more popular than ever. This is also proven by the number of how-to-cook searches, which is one of the most popular how-to searches on YouTube.

When information is missing: Ask Siri or Alexa.

Who hasn’t been there? You’re cooking and you need information, perhaps about a specific cooking temperature, but your hands are full! 23% of millennials already use their mobile devices for voice activated search on information – Siri and Alexa are becoming even more popular for requests like these.

HelloFresh: creative cooking ideas and ingredients delivered in a box.

You receive the food box, your oven or hob the recipe! With HomeConnect and HelloFresh, a whole new kitchen age has begun: for every HelloFresh recipe you order, your oven receives the necessary settings. So you can rest assured that every dish you cook will not only be prepared fresh but also cooked to perfection.

An espresso after dinner? Alexa takes your order.

Preparing dinners or meals with the help of a mobile doesn’t end with searching for information or advice on Google. Even after the dinner there’s digital help. For example from Amazon Echo – a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. It connects to Amazon Alexa, a voice controlled cloud service that allows easy and intuitive access to information, music, lights or home appliances, such as a HomeConnect coffee machine from Bosch. So don’t be surprised if you’re having dinner with millennials and they order an espresso after dinner by talking to Alexa.

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