Top 5: features to make your life easier

A feature for every task

Whatever you want from your dishwasher, whether it’s sparklingly clean wine glasses, doing the dishes while your baby’s sleeping in the room next door or controlling it while you’re on the go, Bosch dishwashers have a wide range of features to make your life easier.

More drying power when you need it.

For brilliant rinsing results, our dishwashers come with the ExtraDry function that gives you even more drying power when you need it, especially for plastic dishes. With ExtraDry, additional heat is released to extend your load’s drying cycle to ensure everything comes out perfectly dry and you won’t have to use a tea towel to finish the job.

For perfect drying results even on plastic dishes.

Whether it’s your baby’s bottle, your child’s lunchbox or the salad bowl you made your lunch in, plastic tableware is often the most practical solution. But cleaning them in the dishwasher is anything but because, traditionally, they tend to be still wet when they come out. With our PerfectDry dishwashers based on Zeolith®, giving them a last dry by hand is a thing of the past. Humidity is absorbed and transformed into warm air to provide perfectly dry results – even your sports water bottle.

Things are looking bright. Thanks to our innovative glass care.

With our dishwashers and Glass Care Pro, worrying about whether your delicate glassware will be safe in the dishwasher is a thing of the past. The Glass 40°C programme gently cleans delicate glasses with perfectly dry results. And to give your wine glasses extra protection, the GlassSecure Tray can be securely placed in the lower basket to hold long-stemmed items in a stable position and keep them scratch free. In addition, our dishwashers with Glass Protection Pro and their additional untreated water outlet optimize the water hardness to give your glasses a shining future.

Always seen. Never heard.

Keep the noise down with our Silence 50 program, the quietest way to do your dishes. Reduced spray pressure results in lower noise levels at just 36 dB* while washing cleaning. The silence-optimized programme is recommended for mixed loads and is especially beneficial for eat-in kitchens and open areas.

*Only selected models: Values can differ between models.

Now even your smartphone can do dishes.

Forgot to start the dishwasher? Home Connect has you covered. Using the smartphone app, you can start a dishwasher cycle remotely while you’re on the go for the ultimate convenience. To make things even easier, it notifies you whenever it begins to run low on detergent tabs, giving you plenty of time to replenish your consumables. If you want, the app will even send you a message when your dishes are finished.

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