Top 5: Healthier treats to satisfy your sweet tooth

Treats – the healthy way

Have you ever thought of satisfying your sweet tooth with something healthy?

There are many healthy lower-calorie treats which are deliciously sweet and tasty. Take a look at our Top 5 tips for satisfying your sweet tooth the healthy way.

#1: Chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Perfect as a sweet party treat or as a romantic dessert for two: chocolate dipped strawberries are not only sweet and healthy, but also easy to make. Just dip strawberries into melted chocolate and put them on a plate to cool them in the fridge. If you want to up the ante, go for organic strawberries from your local market and use special chocolate with exotic spices.

#2: Choco-nut popcorn.

It’s movie night and you don’t know what snack to serve? Pop a small bag of natural popcorn and top it with one tablespoon melted peanut butter and a dusting of cocoa powder to get the crunchiest popcorn ever with the perfect amount of sweetness.

#3: Dark chocolate.

For anyone worried that chocolate can’t be at all healthy, here’s good news for you: dark chocolate with more than 70% cacao lacks all the added fat and sugar of classic milk chocolate and, in moderation, can even be a healthy treat. It’s packed with antioxidants and can even help to regulate levels of the stress hormone cortisol. That’s what makes dark chocolate the perfect hint of sweetness for a stressful day.

#4: Stuffed baked apples.

Perfect as a healthy, easy-to-make dessert and a delicious alternative to apple pie – stuffed baked apples. Fill apples with oats, nuts, and just a little honey for sweetness and put them into your oven. The best thing about this sweet and healthy treat is that you can reheat it any time and its flavour gets even more intense.

#5: Asian-pear sorbet with thyme.

Searching for a sweet and refreshing summer treat? Then try this delicious recipe for Asian-pear sorbet with thyme. Place two peeled, cored, and diced medium pears, thyme and two teaspoons of honey in a blender and blend the ingredients on the highest speed for about 30 seconds until the mixture is very, very smooth. Then simply put it into a chilled ice cream bowl and leave it in your freezer overnight for a perfectly refreshing summer treat.

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