Top 5: Storage ideas for your kitchen

Make the most out of your space.

Whether you live in a small apartment or want to get more out of your kitchen, organisation and creative use of space is the key. Take a look at our clever solutions to maximize your storage possibilities and get your kitchen more organised.

One kitchen island, many storage possibilities.

Kitchen islands provide not only additional workspace in your kitchen, they also can help organise cook books, smaller pieces, utensils and much more. A slim island with at least one additional shelf will give you more space to store cookware and dishes. Use baskets or bins to stow smaller items such as utensils or seasonings. Add some shelves for cookbooks and handy crockery like coffee mugs at the sides of your kitchen island.

The bottom of the shelf and pantries.

Who says inside your pantry and on shelves is the only space to storage groceries? Turn things upside down by screwing Mason jar lids to the undersides of cabinets and shelves. With a beautiful set of ‘floating’ Mason jars you can elegantly store and display your pasta, herbs and much more.

Go vertical!

When space for cabinets and drawers is at premium, get smart with your vertical space. Install shelves, rods or a pegboard to take utensils off your countertops and onto the walls. Also, think of hanging pots and pans from a wall-mounted rack.

Use forgotten spaces.

When space is at a premium, it’s even more important to leave none of it unused! Add smaller cabinets or cupboards on the wall or above windows. A tilt-down drawer at your sink is also a handy way to store sponges and dishwashing gadgets that would otherwise take up your counter space. Also, use the upper side of cabinets or cupboards to display pretty bottles of olive oil or vinegar, pottery or baskets – this way you not only maximise space but also add decorative details.

Storage at the end.

Your gallery kitchen has a window at the end? That’s the perfect opportunity to create a DIY storage window seat with built-in cabinets or drawers. Place cabinets with a lower height next to each other, connect them and create a cosy seat surface on top. The big advantage of this storage: it is just a few steps away from your work zone, so there’s also space for family and friends for a chat while you’re cooking.

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