Top 5: Tips & tricks for self-maintenance

Simple solutions for smaller issues.

Our appliances go through numerous tests to guarantee their outstanding quality. If your appliance doesn’t achieve the results you expect or something needs replacing, don’t worry, most of the time the reasons are simple to identify and easy to solve yourself.

How to change the light bulb in your oven.

If you need to replace the light bulb in your oven, make sure the oven and lights are cool and switched off. Don’t forget to turn off power at the main power supply. Release the clip on the cover and remove the bulb using a towel. Insert the new bulb and clip the cover back into position. Now you can switch the power back on at the main power supply.

How to replace the carbon filter in your extractor hood.

If your extractor hood uses a recirculation kit, the carbon filter needs to be changed periodically. The frequency depends on how often the hood is used but on average check it every six months. Start with carefully removing the cover to access the filter. You will see two small screws which hold the cover in position. Lift the cover carefully away from the screws. Remove the carbon filter and slide a new one into position. Be sure to always use original filters. Replace the cover and ensure it engages and is securely held in place by the screws.

Your hood is not as quiet as you expect?

You mentioned some noise during the operation of your hood? Keep in mind that some noise is normal due to vibration and air movement. Excessive noise however could indicate that the ductwork is too small or too large – check the installation instructions to verify that the ductwork has the proper size. It may also be helpful to retighten the screws.

Your hood makes noises, even switched off?

You mention some noises when your hood is switched off? Usually the backflow flap on the outside of the duct wall cap moves with the wind. This is normal and you don’t need to worry – there’s nothing wrong with your hood.

The fan motor of your hood doesn’t work?

Check that there is an adequate power supply and that the electrical wiring is correctly connected by following the instructions in your installation manual.

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