Top 5: tools for barbecue chefs

Tools you shouldn’t be without for your next barbecue.

What would summer be without delicious steaks or burgers right from your grill? Before you turn up the heat this year, have a look at our top 5 tools to help you become the master chef.

#1: A fish basket

When it comes to barbecuing, steaks, burgers and sausages are regular fare, but have you ever thought about grilling fish? It’s not only easy to grill, it’s also healthy and tastes great. There are some great tools to help you grill the perfect piece of fish. To prevent fish from flaking or sticking to the grate, use a stainless-steel fish basket. Plus, after you’ve enjoyed your perfectly grilled fish, you can simply put the fish basket in your dishwasher.

#2: A pizza stone

Now there’s an alternative to your favourite Italian restaurant for perfect pizza – your garden. All you need is a pizza stone for easy and delicious pizza from the barbecue with an added smoky flavour that’s unmatched by any oven. The pizza stone also makes it very easy to achieve a perfect, crispy crust that your guests will love. And don’t worry about cleaning the stone. You can simply put it in your dishwasher.

#3: Vegetable grill clips

Nothing adds the finishing touch to your barbecue meal than fresh vegetables deliciously grilled to perfection. Special barbecue clips keep vegetables from sticking to the grate or falling into the charcoal and ensure that they taste superb. Perfect for asparagus, zucchini, peppers, aubergine and any other long vegetables, the clips have serrated teeth and a spring hinge to keep your vegetables in place. And the great thing is, cleaning them is really easy: just put them in the cutlery basket or drawer of your dishwasher.

#4: A burger press

What would a barbecue be without delicious, mouth-watering burgers? With a burger press, your summer barbecue is sure to be a complete success. Whether you prefer classic burgers or the vegetarian alternative, with a burger press, your patties will be in perfect shape. They’re not only easy to use, they’re also easy to clean. Simply put them in your dishwasher and they’ll be ready for use at your next barbecue.

#5: Grill tongs

The most important utensil for a barbecue chef are good grilling tongs. If they’re too short, you’ll burn your arms, too long and they become difficult to control accurately. Around 18 inches long is optimal for power and control. Invest in a sturdy stainless-steel pair that you can put in the dishwasher and enjoy using all summer long.

A summer full of barbecues, come rain or shine.

Even if you don’t have room to barbecue or the weather’s not on your side, our specially developed grill plate for FlexInduction hobs means a never-ending summer of barbecues. Just put the grill plate on your induction hob and voila, you’ve got an indoor barbecue. Perfect for cooking meat, fish and vegetables, you’ll get a nicely grilled, outdoor flavour even indoors. Extending the summer barbecue season has never been simpler.


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